The food industry in confectionery has been handed down in this family for two generations.

GILAN GHOOT , the last firm has established in 1992. in these years , GILAN GHOOT has concentrated especially on the production of high quality gums in various types of bubble gum , dragee hallow ball gum , dragee center filled ball gum , chewing gum , ( chiclet & stick ) , toffee , wafer , cookies , cakes , cocoa bar products and biscuits with the trade name "YASMIN" , achieving its present leading position in the market.

The leadership of this company has been handed by managing director : Dipl. Ing. Mohammad AhmadzadehFar since 1992 , who is one of the member of board of directors.

A professional out look , productive capacity , imagination and continuous research are the fundamental characteristics of a successful company..

Working on these assumptions , GILAN GHOOT has always operated on the market , guaranteeing maximum satisfaction on the customer who is stimulated by a carefully prepared , dynamic and up-to-date line of products.